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Realizing the increasing importance of Internet and the fierce competition with other brands, Topman recently released its online magazine, which covers topics of fashion trends, new product, cosmetic and style. In this magazine, there is an important section of street shot, which attracts readers very much.

This social media campaign is to generate positive awareness of the launch of this online magazine. The main creative idea of this campaign is the street -shot model hunt for Topman online magazine. The hunt is mainly done through videos. First, Topman will go on the street in five different cities in UK to shoot videos of cute and fashionable guys and upload detail information of them on the official website.

This is an example of the video made by Topman:

Then for the public, they can also upload their trendy pictures or videos. At last, it is the public who choose their favorite street -shot model for the face of Topman online magazine and 1,000 pounds award.

The main social media platform will be Youtube for the videos to go viral. Other social media network platforms will also be used for this campaign-a Facebook fan page, a twitter page and a flickr page of this competition will be set up to help promote this campaign.


social media webcast

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