Nestle social media disaster:

Here’s how it started: Greenpeace is attacking Nestlé for its “unsustainable palm oil” policy. No news there. They’ve even released a scathing attack ad about Kit Kat in recent days entitled “Need a break? So does the rainforest?” Meanwhile, perhaps in response, the company’s Facebook minders this morning issued a killjoy edict to its 90,000-plus fan base that says anybody showing their loyalty to the brand by using the logo will be, ominously, “deleted.”

9 April PR week:

Comms operator needed for Nestle

Vice-President, Public Affairs at Nestlé-Niels Christiansen will retire in January 2011.

Nestle is stepping up a long-running hunt for a heavyweight comms operator to oversee its global public and corporate affairs, following recent negative publicity.