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Twitter 101-Business center on Twitter adds new features to help brands magage presence on social media site.


Feminista UK

Birds Eye View-Support international women filmmakers

Fashion Against AIDS 2010-HM
Raise funds, raise awareness, fight AIDS!

38 Degree

Recycle Bank campaign- PR Week profile

Elephant FamilyElephant parade london 2010-Ogilvy PR

Great figures in PR

Maz Nadjm  

 ‘@mazi on Twitter’

– the most influential comms professional on Twitter.

Bob Geldof

A great musician; a passionate politic actvist

controversy: Bob, Band Aid and how the rebels bought their arms-bbc documentary

Clarence Mitchell

 The Conservative Partyhire Gerry McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell as the head of media monitoring.

LEWIS PR, has hired seasoned former BBC journalist Clarence Mitchell as its new Director of Media Strategy. 

Nissan unveils 36ft scrapped vehicle to mark its extension in UK market

car making video link.

Nestle social media disaster:

Here’s how it started: Greenpeace is attacking Nestlé for its “unsustainable palm oil” policy. No news there. They’ve even released a scathing attack ad about Kit Kat in recent days entitled “Need a break? So does the rainforest?” Meanwhile, perhaps in response, the company’s Facebook minders this morning issued a killjoy edict to its 90,000-plus fan base that says anybody showing their loyalty to the brand by using the logo will be, ominously, “deleted.”

9 April PR week:

Comms operator needed for Nestle

Vice-President, Public Affairs at Nestlé-Niels Christiansen will retire in January 2011.

Nestle is stepping up a long-running hunt for a heavyweight comms operator to oversee its global public and corporate affairs, following recent negative publicity.