Today’s topic is feminism.
I am not only interested in feminism in PR, but also interested in feminism in politics, society status and etc. Now I would like to maintain some culture difference between China and Britain in feminism.

In China, we used to have all the women working in families. We have an old saying that women who are stupid are the best women in the world. In the old dynasty period, a husband has the right to have several wives. The only income were from men.

As the new era came, things began to change. During the civil war time in China, our president Mao published a law that the women who have several babies would be named as hero mothers. The law was made for giving more soldiers the war. It was good at the war time, but this law also led to the greatly increasing number of population in China. At that time, the status of women were still in families- wives and mothers.

Then when we worked together with Russia, the communism theory brought the idea to us that everyone is equal, so we just copied the principle and spread this idea to the whole society.

As we released the ‘opening and reform’ to the world in the late 1970s, we had the chance to get know the western culture. Suddenly, all of the western ideas flew to us. One good point of Chinese people is that we learn things very fast. We then delivered the ideas of gender equality to all classes in China.

As far as I know, the freedom of women in western country experienced a long period of fights and social strikes against authority. The society revolution let everyone in society join in the movement and increase the awareness of the public. It can be regarded as a necessary process of a liberal society.

On the contrary, the feminism ideology was not achieved through revolution in China. We were directly told by authority and did not have self-awareness process of the people. With the excessive information from western country, we just copied the surface of feminism theory. Generally speaking, the feminism in China was the result of laws , party instruction and western culture.

Therefore, a lot of our feminism ideas of people are not deep and in detailed. People in China intended to trust western culture a lot. But there is a tendency that we think all things from western world are the best。A lot of arguments about this issue was brought out recently on the Internet. People talk a lot about the relationship between China and western culture.

To sum up, this blog reviewed the historical process of feminism in China and compared the different shaping process of feminism between China and Western world. It is just my personal point of view, welcome to hear your ideas.