Today, we talked about ethic issue in PR. This topic reminded me about my first essay in the first semester. The topic of the essay is to write something about conduct code in PR. At that time, I was not sure about the reason of writing this essay.  Now I have got some clue. And I really appreciate having written this essay.

PR doesn’t always have a good reputation. There are a lot of biased terms connected with PR, such as propaganda, spin doctors and etc. Our tutors are both aware of this. Giving the students an assignment about ethic is a very ethical teaching method. I learned that for a master course, it is more important to be a right person in society than learning skills.

In everyday life, PR practitioners are very easy to meet with a lot of conflicts during the works, for example, one article in PR Week asking one question –‘ Is it ethical to run a PR campaign of tobacco , coca cola or McDonald?’

The answer suggested by the article did not give a yes or no answer. Different people have different answers, some will prefer business benefit, others will prefer individual ethic principles. For me, I would like a combined reply that we achieve both business benefit and ethic goods. Although there are some distrust happening in PR, but basic principle can’t be broken.

It is so good to echo something I have learned before and remind me of the good time in first semester fresh and free. Time passes fast. I really learn a lot from this course, and want to thank my tutors and dear classmates.


 CIPR Code of Conduct