Today, I want to talk about my reflection after reading the book ‘Naked Conversation’. It talks about how blogs influence how business works. It is a very interesting book to read, involving a great number of case studies to illustrate the author’s points. In terms of the blogsphere theory, I totally agree with the author’s idea.

The relationship between blog and corporate

Consumers tend to not trust big companies. It is generally believed that big companies place their own profits in a higher place than the interest of consumers. There are always negative issues happening which affect consumers, such as product’s quality problem or its threat on consumers’ health problem. Thus, consumers are often suspicious of advertisements. Confronted with such a situation, corporate has to break down the wall with customers.

The proliferation of Internet provides business a perfect platform to communicate with its public.

First, online communication can build trust. The online public sphere is difficult from the normal corporate branding, which disseminates information on the behalf of the company. With blogging and social networking branding, the image of individual promoter was set up, thereby enhancing the credibility of the information sender. The blog affords a window into a company, where consumers can share comments of others having primary experiences with the company’s product. And the section of colleting feedback from consumers involves more people to join the conversation.

Second, the cost of online marketing is completely free. The information do not need to be paid, and can be spread from one country to any corner of the world. The global scope and influence of Internet is magnificent.

Thirdly, the blog websites such as blogger, wordpress and social media networks both have big credibility in Google search, which means, the relevant information on these websites are more likely to be found in the first few pages of Google search. Therefore, making links from blogs the corporate’s main website can draw a lot of traffic to the core page.

There are some questions answered in the book about online business blogging.

What kind of product can be branded online?The product which delivers an experience that exceeds expectations

Whose blog is more popular?
Individual who have his or her primary experience of using the products
Professionals who suggest the best products

How to blog (four success tips of blogging)
1 talk, don’t sell
2 post often and be interesting
3 write on issues you know and care about
4 blogging saves money but costs time

How should corporate cope with blogging?
1 Continuously gather customer feedback
2 make it a point to share knowledge freely
3 expertly build word-of-mouth networks
4 encourage communities of customers to meet and share
5 devise specialized, smaller offerings to get customes to bite
6 focus on making the world,or your industry, better

famous blogs which nearly keep update everyday
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