This is the second class of core issues in PR.

Today’s topic is new media.

Unlike with other common theories about new media, Michala began from the theoretical approaches of it.

This is a list of what have been talked on the classes:

  1. multiple voices
  2. having a voice gives you power
  3. conversation- two way communication
  4. conversationalists: mavens; connectors; salesmen
  5. authenticity& transparency
  6. amateur & professionals

The reason why I have such a detailed list lies that I found writing a blog after every class can help me review the class contents again. It is a perfect way of learning. Another reason is contents on blog can be kept forever unless I delete it and are easy to look up into in the future.

There are some points about new media I want to elaborate on.

First, I want to investigate who the most popular bloggers are. Are they already famous, or ordinary? Why did they become famous?

Second, ethics of online PR.

This topic is heatly talked about today on the class. I want to do my own research about it and analyze it.

The answer of these two questions will be posted in my second post this week.

Thanks for reading!

A lot of fun of writing it~